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New collection of fire retardant fabrics by Rioma


Rioma+, recognized as one of the leading enterprises in the textile sector on a worldwide scale, presents us with its new collection of fire retardant fabrics, FR Fabrics. fire retardant fabrics material or fireproof fabrics are fabrics resistant to fire, which avoid or delay any incidence of fire, ensuring a safer living environment. Rioma+’s FR Fabrics are specially manufactured and tested to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. To that end, we work with professional specialists and the highest quality products. FR Fabrics are the best option for the safety and quality in fabrics with flame retardant properties.The logo FR Fabrics in our fabrics indicates that the fabric is flame retardant.


fire retardant fabricsfire retardant fabrics 



Uses and Applications



Specially designed for hotels, restaurants, contrac sector, distributors of FR, decorators or communities. If you are looking for fireproof fabrics for upholstery, FR Fabrics is the best choice. Flame retardant fabrics can be used for furniture and accessories (chairs, sofas, cushions, tablecloths, etc.) You can also find FR fabrics for curtains. We have a wide variety of fabrics and colours which can be adapted to your needs. FR Fabrics is the best choice to deal with a wide variety of projects in decoration and upholstery.



Certified quality



The majority of countries have different FR regulations. Rioma provides different regulatory standards in their FR Fabrics.

UNE EN 1021 (European legislation) y BS 5852 (British Standars-UK).

If you need any other FR regulation, we will adapt the finish to your needs. Rioma+ we are flexible in order to satisfy our clients, for this reason all shipments will be made according to a previous order.As your satisfaction and confidence is our main objective,



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FR Fabrics by Rioma+

Up to 70 colours per fabric

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Please request our catalogue and make enquiries with no commitment