Rioma is made up by a dynamic and multicultural human team, with a great passion for their work. You will find great professionals at your service in Rioma, but first of all you will find people, whose main aim is to do the best for satisfying your necessities, offering a close and personalized treatment. Being part of this team is an attitude. These are some examples:

He is a devotee of good music, looking forward to rock and roll. From unloading trucks to preparing orders with the same ability as he plays the bass guitar: there are no discordant notes, but a lot of organization and teamwork.

“Rioma allowed me to discover my ability for multitasking and my extraordinary memory for remembering more than the 8,000 references existing in the storage”.

Rafa Pérez

Storage – 26 years old

She devours books, she speaks three languages, she has two degrees, and she loves doing things with a good cheer. Her childlike looks is quite surprising, taking into account her solid training. She is continuously recycling herself. At this moment, she uses her free time for improving her abilities in Italian.

“Working in Rioma has satisfied my necessity of learning and being in contact with other cultures, allowing me to be self-confident about working in other languages, above all”.

Beatriz Badillo

Export Assistant – 32 years old

He is an expert in the company. He came to Montilla when he was 23, thinking about his personal and professional future. He has not only become an expert in fabrics, textures and qualities, but also has started his own family and has found colleagues and good friends in Rioma.

“My more than 20 year of experience in Rioma have allowed me to travel to other continents, discovering the textile world and learning even more than going to University”.

Pablo Duque

Purchases Responsible- 47 years old

Her voice is one of the voices that you will listen answering the phone. She is part of the family of Rioma since she was very young, and she is living some of the most important periods of her life with us. She travelled abroad for the first time when she joined Rioma. She has given birth to her fist daughter. She will have to share her passion for decoration with her child.

“I got so excited when I knew that my daughter’s name Norah would be the name of one of the collections of Rioma”.

Cris Márquez

Administrative assistant of Domestic Trade – 31 years old

He enjoys programming and his hobby has become his means for living. He likes extreme sports, he almost has a zoo at home, and he cannot resist to a good sweet. He needs to have the latest in technology in his hands. The improvement of processes, the optimization of tasks, and the guarantee of an efficient and quick work obsess him.

I have fun with what I do and I could tell a huge number of amusing anecdotes with users along all of these years working in Rioma”.

Paco Raya

Responsible for the Information Management Systems – 41 years old

cristina rodríguez

From a very early age she drew inspiration for her décor and fashion magazines. It has served to accentuate her own style: simply impeccable. As Coco Chanel noted:’Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.’ She likes predicting trends and taking some risks. She has more than a decade’s experience working on purchasing and international product sales in her favour.

I love mixing and matching colours, textures and designs to create unique spaces full of life.

Cristina Rodríguez

Creative Product – 43 years old