History and trajectory of the textile company Rioma

historia rioma textil

History and trajectory of the textile company Rioma since its inception

José Ríos began his business venture in the mid-seventies by exchanging very varied fabrics at fairs and local markets. After years of dedication and experience in the textile field, he began to materialize his own designs. Initially opening the way in the world of fashion and later in fabrics for upholstery and home decoration.


An Andalusian company with a tour

Rioma was born in the seventies of the business vocation and passion for the fabrics of its promoter, José Ríos. The history of the company is linked to Montilla, a municipality in southern Spain. Where the founder was born and where he opened a market

unknown until then in the region. Rioma was a pioneer in the sector, the first textile company in Andalusia. With a staff composed of designers, salespeople and operators.


We cross borders

In its first years, Rioma strengthens one of the personal stamps of the house: its classic and contemporary floral prints. His first fabrics were the chintz, which set trends in curtains with bright prints and a multicolored range. The collections made in Neon Canvas, a fabric created by Rioma that became the most sold worldwide since the 80s until the first decade of the 21st century, followed in popularity. In the same period, rustic fabrics were also developed, in which the so-called kilim, ethnic-inspired creations

sued in upholstery for the resistance of its fabric and awarded in one of the most important textile fairs in the world, Heimtextil Frankfurt. Subsequently, another great success of the firm was Baghera, today popularly known as suede, the most sold fabric of upholstery and confection worldwide. In the nineties Rioma develops its export activity extensively in the European market and begins to actively participate in the most important fairs in the sector.




Consolidated company

We are opening a millennium and Rioma takes an important step to move its facilities to the outskirts of Montilla. And build a unique and intelligent building that has 4,500 m2 of facilities dedicated to design and offices and more than 25,000 m2 of

production and storage space. Rioma becomes a recognized textile company worldwide. Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of a young, dynamic and multicultural human team.




Rioma today

Rioma distributes its products in more than 80 countries. And it is a pioneer in Europe in the use of conventional, digital and laser printing. Currently, it has an avant-garde line of fabrics for upholstery. And a daring collection of smooth, jacquards and contemporary prints of the latest trend. Today we can find Rioma designs in the world of fashion and home-decoration. Where the mixture of textures predominates, the daring color combinations and an exclusive and very personal character.