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Fabric of geometric prints and current Jade Collection


The Jade collection transports us to a peaceful and placid environment

Geometric and current prints. The color of its designs and the warmth of its fabrics will make you travel sitting on your sofa.

Feel the mix of prints and create your unique and different environments.

Be seduced by its colors and geometric shapes

Be seduced by its colors and geometric shapes. Sometimes, the smallest of the family can dirty the fabric of the upholstery. Instinctively, they scratch the fabric causing scratches in the case of the skin or breakage, in the case of tissue, because they fray the surface.

The collections recommended by Rioma, especially designed for the family, have a coating of synthetic fibers that prevent the nails from penetrating the loops of the fabric of the weave avoiding that, when stretching, the fabric is broken.

A collection created to dream

Our fabrics have the latest technology. That cleans habitual domestic stains quickly and easily. Also, thinking about our pets, tests of urine, feces and blood of pets have been carried out, with excellent results.

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