This collection will go straight to your heart! It paints a world of fantasy for girls, with little coloured houses and little animals ., which are interspersed with a host of tiny hearts.

Rioma’s MONTOUTOU collection, with a coquettish Parisian look. plays with laser to create velvety hearts in red and beige which match the 100% cotton striped material in the same colours.

Hits proposal for children is current and fun .

Its modern fun design for boys gives them the opportunity to choose between a racing car circuit lined with trees or miniature paper aeroplanes to let the imagination fly far away.

The hearts are replaced by letters and squares which give the bedroom a more masculine look.

Its delicate translucent net curtains are distinguished by the originality of the relief motifs of little houses, flowers and aeroplanes.

The MONTOUTOU collection is made for princesses and adventurers.

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