The collections of Rioma are appearing now in the new television series “Ciega a Citas”, shown in the Spanish channel Cuatro. They are decorating the houses of the protagonists: Lucía and her mother. Two different styles of woman are reflected in every environment created in the television series.





Lucía, a thirtysomething woman, shy and scatter-brained, decided to change her look and find the man of her life to reveal herself against her family. She is inclined towards a vintage and modern style at home. The combination of textures, motifs and colours provide freshness to the environment and bring a contemporary touch to it.

Maruchi’s house, her mother, a common woman with airs and graces of aristocrat, recreates a classic line with velvet-like textures and neutral and natural tones. The curtains maintain harmony with transparent net curtains and curtains of a single colour.