Creativity, integrity, social commitment and a notable global awareness.

are some of the values expressed by the business activity of Rioma and our involvement in local and international projects, trying to find answers to the situations of poverty and abandonment in the world.

In parallel with the beginning of its business activity, Rioma starts collaborating and supporting projects of international cooperation and social action together with Unicef,  Cruz Roja, Juan Ciudad y Amigos del Perú among others.


Nowadays, Rioma channels its social action cooperating with the Fundación Social Universal, (FSU having 4 main courses of action:

  1. Contributing to the elimination of poverty and hunger around the world, as well as the causes and structures that allow them continuing perpetuating.
  2. Promoting the integral development of the most vulnerable communities and groups, especially of children and young people in situation of risk and/or social isolation.
  3. Encouraging the protection and improvement of the environment and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, in the conviction that nature is the basic base of life.
  4. Fostering social awareness and participation with the purpose of extending the value of coexistence, solidarity and cooperation.




In addition, Rioma, being conscious of the importance of acting in our own environment and the importance of working in the promotion of our young people’s possibilities

promotes consciousness-raising campaigns among teenagers in order to encourage their social and environmental involvement.