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In accordance with the legislation applicable to service providers of the Information Society Services, and specifically Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services, RIOMA S.L. makes available to users of its website the following corporate information:

    1. This website has been created and is maintained at the request of RIOMA S.L. being this entity its owner, as well as the domain names that lead to it.
    2. Registered office: Av. de Santa María 22. P.O. BOX 105 – 14550, Montilla – Córdoba – España
    3. Fiscal residency: Av. de Santa María 22. P.O. BOX 105 – 14550, Montilla – Córdoba – España
    4. Registry data: Mercantile Registry of Cordoba, folio 65, volume 241 General, book 159 Anonymous Section, sheet 4030 General, 2231 anonymous. Inscription 1ª date 15.04.85
    5. RIOMA S.L. is provided with C.I.F. nº B-14. 058.424.
    6. Address for communications and notifications: Av. P.O. BOX 105 – 14550, Montilla – Córdoba – Spain.
    7. The users of the present portal will be able to establish a direct and effective communication with Rioma S.L. by means of written communication sent to the address indicated in point 2 above, as well as using any of the following means:


Telephone: +34 957 65 10 54
Fax: +34 957 65 09 21
Corporative Website:

Users should carefully read these General Conditions of use of this website. The use or access to this site implies knowledge and full acceptance of these General Conditions and those that, at any time, may be established by Rioma S.L. Consequently, it is the responsibility of all visitors or users to carefully read the current Conditions of Use on each of the occasions on which they access this website. Users of this website shall be liable to Rioma S.L. and to third parties affected as a result of a use of its contents not in accordance with the Law, good customs, morality, public order and these Conditions of Use.

Likewise, the use of certain services available to users of this website may be subject to Special Conditions, warnings or instructions that must also be consulted and accepted without reservation.



Access to this web site is free of charge, except for the cost of connection through the telecommunications network supplied by the access provider contracted by users. Where necessary, if any services belonging to this website require a payment, the user will be appropriately and clearly notified.

This web site contains various materials prepared by Rioma S.L. for informational and commercial purposes. The user should be aware that such materials may not always be current or updated. Likewise, these materials may be deleted, modified or developed without prior notice.

Access to this web site does not imply the establishment of any contractual relationship between the user and RIOMA S.L.

The content of this website may refer the user to other websites managed by third parties over which RIOMA S.L. has no control and therefore is not responsible for their content in any case.

Whoever accesses this website does so at their own risk. Also assuming the obligation to make correct and appropriate use of its services and contents, in accordance with these current General Conditions, the laws, morality and generally accepted good customs, and public order.

Unless prior and express authorization from RIOMA S.L. users may only use its contents and services for their own personal use and, therefore, shall refrain from performing any act that, directly or indirectly, involves a commercial exploitation of the same.

In any case, users will use the contents and services provided by RIOMA S.L., in accordance with current legislation, and will assume the responsibilities that correspond to them for any conduct or activities that, in any way, may be unlawful or harmful to the rights of third parties or that may damage or impede the use of this website to RIOMA S.L., or other users.



On the RIOMA S.L. website, the user may find various links that will lead to web pages independent of it. Their sole purpose is to facilitate access to other sources of information on the internet related to the services offered, or of a general nature. Its insertion in this website is with respect to the intellectual and industrial property rights that, in its case, may correspond to its authors and legitimate owners.

RIOMA S.L. is not responsible for the contents accessed by virtue of the aforementioned links, nor for any modifications made to them, nor for the use made of them, nor for their technical availability. Nevertheless, RIOMA S.L. undertakes to do everything possible to avoid the existence on its website of links to sites with illegal content, promoting illegal activities, racist, xenophobic and, in general, likely to violate the principles of freedom and human dignity or violate the values and rights recognized by the Spanish Constitution and the universal declaration of human rights. In the event that RIOMA S.L. has actual knowledge that the information to which a link refers is illegal, RIOMA S.L. undertakes to act with due diligence to remove or disable the link.



Internet users who wish to insert links from their own web pages to the RIOMA S.L. website must, in addition to obtaining express authorization to that effect, comply with the conditions detailed below; ignorance of these conditions does not null and void legal responsibilities.

The link will only lead to the home page of this website. Under no circumstances may anyone who intends to introduce such a link store in any way all or part of the content of this website without the express authorization of RIOMA S.L. These are strictly prohibited practices called “deep linking or deeplinking” (linking to specific parts of a website other than the main page of the same), “framed linking or framelinking” (consisting of displaying a foreign web page in the internal framework of another web page), and in general all those that:

– Produce, or may lead to, confusion or deception in the users about the true origin of the service or contents.

– Involve an act of unfair comparison or imitation..

– Serve to take advantage of the reputation of the brand and prestige of RIOMA S.L., its partners, administrators or employees.

– Involve any other form prohibited by the current legislation.

No false, inaccurate or incorrect statement about this company, its partners, employees, customers or about the quality of the services it provides shall be made from the page that introduces the link.

In no case shall it be expressed on the page where the link is located that this Company has given its consent for the insertion of the link or that it otherwise sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the services of the sender.

The page that establishes the link must faithfully comply with the legal system and may not in any case provide or link to its own or third party content:

1.- That is illicit, harmful or contrary to morality and good customs (xenophobic, pornographic, violent, etc.);

2.- That leads, or may lead, the user to the false notion that RIOMA S.L. subscribes to, endorses, adheres to or in any way supports the ideas, statements or expressions, legal or illegal, of the sender;

3.- That is inappropriate or not pertinent to the activity of this company in view of the place, contents and subject matter of the sender’s web page.



For the contents:

Information: the information, both proprietary and third party, appearing on this website is provided “as is”, with no guarantees of any kind as to its accuracy and up-to-dateness. Consequently, RIOMA S.L. shall not be liable for any damages that the use of such information may cause. RIOMA S.L. undertakes to do everything possible to avoid the existence on its site of illegal content and, in the event that it has actual knowledge of such content, to remove or prevent access to it. However, it does not guarantee the legality of the contents supplied on the basis of information provided by third party suppliers, collaborators or users.

Errors: in relation to the above, the documents published may contain technical inconsistencies or involuntary typographical errors, for which RIOMA S.L. shall not be held responsible. In any case, the owner of this website apologizes for these errors, undertakes to correct, as soon as possible, such irregularities and welcomes any comments, corrections or suggestions in this regard, which the user can send to the “contact” page.

For the operation of the site:

Privacy: RIOMA S.L. does not guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this site, since the possibility that unauthorized third parties may have knowledge of it and the circumstances in which it is performed should not be ruled out.

Viruses: RIOMA S.L. accepts no liability for any damage caused by computer viruses, the absence of which is not guaranteed.

Technical malfunctions: RIOMA S.L. is exempt from any liability arising from the malfunction of the site or any of its services that have their origin in accidental circumstance, force majeure, necessary maintenance work or any other cause not attributable to it.



RIOMA S.L. reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate the provision of its services or content, in whole or in part, at any time, without prior notice to users.



These Conditions of Use are subject to the Spanish legal system, and especially to the Organic Law 15/1999, of General Data Protection Law 34/2002, of July 11, Information Society Services, as well as Law 56/2007, of December 28, of measures to promote the Information Society, which apply directly to the relations between the user of this web site and RIOMA S.L.

Any conflicts or litigation derived from the access to the web site, the use of its contents, or the rights recognized to the users and service providers of the Information Society, as well as those related to the protection of personal data, will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Montilla and its hierarchical superiors. By virtue thereof, the user waives any other jurisdiction that may be applicable and different from the aforementioned.

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