Clarke Collection

This chenille fabric is designed with multicoloured threads, blended to achive its personality. A versatile fabric that will bring a touch of warmth to any atmosphere thanks to its timeless aesthetic.

flint plus

Verena Collection

The double-sided coloured blackout fabric that offers countless ways to harmonise individual style to any décor . Its opacity contributes to energy efficiency and visual comfort by regulating the light entry and blocking UV rays


Munro Collection

A timeless lasting that reaches our days fitting the last decorative trends with high functionality. Its elegant range of 18 colors extents from natural to intense tones.

Ross Collection

Stylish bouclé of fine texture that captures a pleasant connection between texture and color creating a cosy atmosphere. It comes in a refined selection of 10 timeless colors inspired by nature.

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Vernon Collection

Sophisticated bouclé that creates a harmonious blend that will wrap the living with warmth. A complete refined selection of 14 timeless colors inspired by nature.


Alessia Collection

Alessia combines functionality and design presenting a delicate mix of botanical designs with geometric and organic shapes. Specially developed to withstand the technical demands of fabrics destined to be used in restaurant business and hospitality.

Flavia Collection

Bring nature to indoor spaces with this collection full of the decorative beauty provided by its flowers, with contrasting elements that give strength and personality to a collection that stands out because of the exquisiteness of its details. With an ideal performance for hospitality, it will offer a great durability.

flint plus

Gabriele Collection

Gabriele explores flowery, delicate and romantic designs in order to offer a collection full of movement and warmth. Its geometric combinations and proposals with organic shapes complete a line mainly developed for table linens, with an optimum performance for its use in public spaces such as restaurant business and hospitality.


Carmel Collection

Sophisticated bouclé of curly texture that merges functionality and elegance, creating cosy spaces full of warmth.

Easy to combine with any decorative trend, it comes in 9 essential colors from neutral to earth tones.

Newport Collection

Unmistakable grainy textured fabric with a contemporary look. The versatility of this fabric makes Newport Technic a very attractive option for curtains and upholstery, especially for high traffic spaces thanks to its high resistance and easy maintenance.

flint plus

Bora Bora Collection

Combining functionality and design, Bora Bora presents an attractive mix of tropical aesthetic prints with geometric motifs full of character. Its range of contemporary and energizing tones will transform your terrace into a freshness space that will effortlessly transport you to French Polynesia islands.


Zetta Collection

This reinterpretation of a noble fabric such as wool combines synthetic and natural materials, thus, obtaining a highly resistant fabric.

Flint Plus Collection

Create healthy spaces and minimalist atmospheres with this unique collection made from pure, recycled cotton and other natural fibres, such as yute.

flint plus

Naturales Collection

A delicate interplay of textures that links contemporary style with traditional ambiences.


Derby Collection

The Derby continues to be one of our star smoothies. Its stain and burn resistance make it one of the most versatile options for both upholstery and decoration.

Lauren Collection

Fabrics where regenerated cotton is mixed with other natural fibres, such as jute, and synthetic fibres are left aside, taking care of the planet.


Darven Collection

Its velvety and warm appearance makes it ideal for clothing and leather goods, where the use of corduroy remains a classic that is renewed every season.

Edra Collection

Softness and harmony of colours, a subtle and sophisticated complement to any decorative proposal.

Cloe Collection

Inspired by the baroque floral style, it combines elegance and personality and conveys depth and warmth in all decorative elements.

Gardia Collection

Inspired by the baroque floral style, it combines elegance and personality and conveys depth and warmth in all decorative elements.

Kentia Collection

A botanical proposal, with large leaves and deep colours, coordinated with small geometric designs, ideal for decorating current and contemporary spaces.

Morocco Collection

A multicoloured stripe with wear, a geometric figure in jute texture and a plain, all perfectly combined. This proposal is ideal for cushions with different shapes, pictures, as well as for all types of upholstery.

Willem Collection

A commitment to modernism. Geometric prints with an identity reminiscent of the most contemporary abstract works, with a subtle and harmonious colour palette that fills any space with personality.

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