Social and Environmental Commitment


Responsibility, integrity and social and environmental commitment are the main values that support the development of Rioma’s business activities.



Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to be an agent of change, driving the renewal of the textile industry through projects that promote a sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of people and environmental protection. This is precisely what embodies the differentiation of our brand and the quality of the final product we launch on the market.

We currently base our Corporate Social Responsibility around 4 areas:

International Cooperation

For more than 26 years we have been financing local and international development projects (in Spain, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, etc.) to alleviate social and environmental imbalances.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Labor Insertion

We promote quality local employment, following active training policies. We are also concerned about continuously investing in technology, to offer the best digital printing and weaving. In addition, we promote the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, the Circular Economy and the Bioeconomy, developing products aimed at reducing the consumption of raw materials and the reuse of by-products and waste.

Social Action

Through the Somos Naturaleza Foundation, the Universal Social Foundation, and the Savia Foundation, Rioma promotes educational projects, the promotion of equality and human rights, rural and heritage development, care for the environment and adaptation to climate change.

Care and Rural Development

For more than 45 years, we have been committed to the sustainable renewal of the textile industry, whether through the introduction of ecological pigments, the marketing of OEKO-TEX-certified products free of harmful substances or the launch of our first line of GOTS-certified ORGANiC fabrics.

At present, the “quality and R+D+I department” continues to work along these lines and is immersed in two major projects for the future. One being, the creation of a line of natural dyes of vegetable and mineral origin to reduce our dependence on polluting chemical dyes; and the other, being the launch of a textile range with recycled polyester yarns from marine waste and recycling containers.

This is how we understand innovation in the textile industry, mirroring our efforts to implement the ISO14000 quality standard for eco-design (14006) and sustainable resource management (14001).

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