Each person, object or place has a unique story attached to its skin. We are the consequence of an anecdote we heard, a sunrise we experienced, a tight hug, a story we were told, a spontaneous laugh, a tearful farewell, a photograph taken, a song we danced to and the occasional bad drink. 

Our particular history makes us exclusive, unique and attractive.

Each Rioma fabric is imprinted with the avant-garde, ambition, and vision of the company. The designs that are born from our walls are a work of unconditional love for textures and an ode to creativity. In each collection we launch, our own history is stamped, infecting each drawing with our innovative character, and coexisting in turn with our experience that has provided us with solid strokes of quality.

Rioma se enfrenta a un tejido en blanco y comienza a entrelazar hilos cargados de aventuras, tiñendo bocetos inspirados en viajes más allá de Europa, visualizando gamas de colores, e imaginando su suave tacto. Sintetizando todas esas emociones en una colección exclusiva y dotándola de vida.

Rioma is a way of telling infinite stories through its fabrics.

This common thread is the philosophy that advances us and moves us. That is why this year, 2021, we are launching a new corporate slogan that combines the sensitivity of our work, the creation of emotions, with the aim of provoking a reaction in the user and making it memorable. A concept that reflects our beginnings, trajectory and looks firmly to the future.

New Rioma slogan: Weaving Stories